I’m Gavin Hugh,

and welcome to my website

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Scot who has been fortunate to have had a varied career in television, politics and teaching abroad, and I now run my own video production business.

I was born and raised in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and graduated from the University of Stirling in English and Film studies.

I’m a filmmaker with an interest in writing, photography, cinema, politics, science, literature, videogames, Japan, the Fife coast, and Scotland. I enjoy a good debate and am a strong advocate for critical thinking, rationalism, and science education.

For three years I lived in Takamatsu, Japan, where I worked as an English language teaching assistant on the JET programme. My experiences in Japan were some of the best years in my life, and I still feel a strong affinity for the country. I enjoy studying and improving my Japanese language skills.

After returning to Scotland, I worked in broadcasting as a Video Journalist for STV, and was involved with the local TV initiatives STV Edinburgh and STV Glasgow. From 2016 to 2020, I worked at the Scottish Parliament as a press officer and caseworker for three MSPs, most recently Shona Robison MSP.

In 2017, I established my own video production business called MidgieBite Media. It’s always been a dream of mine to run my own business, and it’s been immensely rewarding to do so.

Two sub-brands of this business have also been launched: White Rose of Scotland Wedding Films and the Creative Film Fife Network. The latter of these is a film networking group aimed at  promoting local filmmakers in Fife.


I’ve been involved in a number of charity and volunteer organisations over the years, including the Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society, JETAA Scotland, AirTV and more. Being an active member of and contributor to my local community is important to me, and I have a particular interest in environmental, community and heritage initiatives.

My politics are moderate / centrist, and I describe myself as a liberal. In 2014, I campaigned in the campaign for Scottish Independence.

In 2019, I was named one of the 100 Fifers of the Year by the local Fife Free Press newspaper. It was quite a humbling acknowledgement and a motivation to keep doing what I do.

This website is a space for me to share my photography, my films, and my thoughts. It would be great to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch.