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by | May 23, 2020 | Film

Here’s some other projects that I’ve been produced and worked on over the years. As well as making my own films, I’ve helped out a lot of folk with their projects over the years.

Some of these projects are my own, whereas others are those I’ve just had a hand in chipping in with. Here’s a sample – by no means comprehensive! – of videos that I’ve been really proud to give my time to.

Dick Dynamite (2020)

Written and directed by my good friend Robbie Davidson, AKA “Steedo” or “Beans”. I remember first discussing the concept for this film back in 2014 during our days working together at STV. Robbie was determined to develop a punk-rock 80’s-style WW2 action film in the vein of Arnold Schwarzenegger – and to fuse it with horror elements.

I’ve been helping out behind the scenes and on set, giving my two cents where they’re worth and shooting some absolutely crazy scenes which only Steedo could get away with. The film isn’t finished yet, but I’m loving what I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see how it comes together.

For We Are Many (2020)

I didn’t actually do that much on this Hex Studios shoot beyond helping out on a single day of filming on the wraparound segments. However, I loved working with Nicholas Vince of Hellraiser and Night Breed fame. I enjoyed taking part in the interview segments, which you can watch on the DVD / Blu-Ray set.

Automata / The Devil’s Machine (2019)

This was wild! I helped out on this Hex Studios film in two different stages – doing a crew day on set back in 2015 and also working as an extra in the pick-up shoots in summer 2018. Highlights included being dressed as Prussian soldier and – on one occasion – wearing a thong and dog mask on the top of Falkland Hill in what seemed to be some sort of deranged sex fantasy.

Long days marching and playing war games in the sun, with a long, cold night on the hills. I hadn’t seen the script when doing all this, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how it all cut together in the final edit. The 2018 shoot was also when I first met Grant R Keelan and Andrew Gourlay; great guys who would go on to work with me on other projects.

Spoonsrock (2016)

Probably the best live music gig I’ve ever attended. For one night only in 2016, Wetherspoons in Kirkcaldy was converted into a huge live music venue as a fundraiser for the Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy restoration campaign: an amazing cause.

I had an absolute blast co-ordinating and filming this music video, which featured Auxygen, the Sauza Kings and the Snapping Turtles. It was an absolutely great night and I loved editing all the footage together. 

Mr Clubber (2016)

I was approached by the Cyrenians in Edinburgh to put together a mock kids show which explored coping with anger and aggression issues. I leapt at the chance, particularly when I knew I would be working with fellow Hex Studios veteran (and all-round good guy) Jamie Scott Gordon. Filming took place over two days in Autumn 2015, and the end result is one of my favourite projects.

Wide Open – Spliff Richards & the Snapping Turtles (2016)

The Snapping Turtles has been my favourite local band for some time, so it was great to team up with Robbie Davidson to shoot this music video for his band. As Robbie was on camera performing for most of the shoot, it was left to myself along with Steven J Quinn and Michael Neal to do most of the shooting, with him cutting it all together. We had an absolute blast – very much in the 70s style. I think the video speaks for itself.

Give Em Hell – The Amorettes (2015)

Another shoot with Robbie Davidson, this team shooting for The Amorettes. Again, Robbie appeared on camera as well as directing. The video was shot at Crail airfield in Fife. We were fairly pushed for time, but we managed to get some great footage and the bookend narrative is great fun.

Radge Land (2015)

The first project I teamed up with Robbie Davidson on! Outside of work at STV, anyway. Most of the project was already complete by the time I got on board; I was merely involved for a few final pick ups at the end of the film. I was blown away when I saw what the film actually looked like when cut together.

The Unkindness of Ravens (2015)

Upon moving home to Scotland in 2014, this was the first film project I’d gotten involved in. It was fantastic to be back on set with the Hex Media crew; Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly and Michael Brewster. I was involved both as crew and as an extra, and it was a thrill to be on set.

The shoot was quite physically challenging. As well as occasionally wearing a Raven warrior costume, which was extremely heavy (the chainmail was excruciating!), I was also wrapped up in chains, covered in fake blood and cobwebs and quite heavily beaten with rubber sticks for a few torture scenes. Some of those screams aren’t fake! Well worth it in the end – it’s my favourite Hex film and I’m proud I was able to take part.

Good Morning Takamatsu (2014)

Whilst working in Japan, the Takamatsu City Board of Education approached the local JET community to put together new education resources for the local elementary school. I was recruited to take the lead on a DVD project to accompany a new textbook. This was a lot of fun, as I got to work with a lot of my fellow teaching assistants and have a lot of creative input. The videos we made were great fun, and it’s nice to have left this resource as a legacy.

About Kirkcaldy (2012)

A video montage of my hometown! Made for my good friend Neil Ingebrigtsen, who put this website together. Was still getting used to my Canon 60D at the time, so there’s a few shaky shots in here and the editing is a bit too quick.

Nice to look back at this, though – hopefully it captured the feel of the town back in the early 2010s. This video is also notable as it features music by Jessica Henderson, who would go on to work with me on a number of projects.

Turnip Head (2012)

This was a fun one! Made while I was in Japan by Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly of Hex Media.

Cleverly, the project takes a lot of elements produced independently by different artists in different countries and blends them all together into an animation that is actually extremely international. I recorded my clips in Japan and sent them on to be edited in.

Sarah Daly’s script went on to be performed on stage by Gary Oldman – a pretty solid accomplishment!

White Out (2011)

After leaving uni, I was at a bit of a loose end. In 2010, I was hoping to get more into filmmaking and I was fairly worried about my career prospects – the job in Japan hadn’t been offered yet and I felt like I was in a bit of a rut.

Thankfully, it was at this time that I first met Lawrie Brewster and Sarah Daly, who would go on to found Hex Studios. Both Lawrie and Sarah were putting together their first feature film, White Out, and invited me to get involved. It was exactly the confidence boost I needed.

The film is a bit obscure compared to the later Hex works, but feels extremely prescient in the age of coronavirus. I was pleased to help out as crew and on camera (as a postie!). The film l has a solid place in my heart for what it represented to me at the time, and I’m still immensely grateful to both Lawrie and Sarah for the opportunity.

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